Below you can find information on the specific police department serving your community and what policies they have in place governing police conduct and activity. We’ll be adding more departments and policies as we receive and review them, so if you don’t see policies for your local department yet, be sure to check back.

While you’ll find policies from departments across New York State here, the NYCLU did not include the New York City Police Department in this project. The NYPD is the largest police department in the country and – for all its shortcomings – generally has publicly available policies in place and posts its patrol guide and many other policies on its website.

The police departments are listed in descending alphabetical order. You can also search departments by region using the filter.

Department Available
Department Forthcoming

The comments included in these documents are provided solely for the purpose of public education. The presence or absence of a comment on a particular provision does not constitute endorsement of that provision, nor does the presence or absence of a comment reflect the NYCLU's position as to the legality or lack thereof of that provision.